Protecting your Rights

film making rightsOne of the biggest problems that can shut down a movie after production has wrapped is the threat of a lawsuit. This is something that can occur at any point in time, and will likely create huge headaches. Read more  Protecting your rights
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Film Making Equipment

Film Making equipment

One of the most important film making equipment that you will need is a video camera.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you buy an inexpensive video camera to learn the basics.

Read more Film Making Equipment.

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Film Courses

Film Courses

Film making courses  offer the chance to be shown by an experienced filmmaker and to work with other film makers learning how films really get made.

That seems like a good reason to enroll but do you really need to spend much money for that? It is possible to be taught fundamental film making at a lot of low-cost community colleges. Read moreFilm Courses

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Film Making

Cinema Films

Film making is a highly lucrative career option. 

It can be a very lucrative career for someone who has creativity, talent and is very persistent.  It is a very deliberate process, and little appears on screen by chance.  It is a huge business. 

Film making is never easy and each film has its own journey.Read more about it Film Making

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